23rd October, 2018

AgFirst Engineering recently completed the first stage of the Himachal Pradesh Horticultural Development Project. Both Ian Howatson and Hady Gholmieh have been involved on behalf of AgFirst Engineering, with Hady being based in India for 6 months. AgFirst Engineering along with Plant and Food Research New Zealand and Fruition has been assisting the local government as part of the Himachal Pradesh Horticultural Development Project. The project focuses on improving local apple orchard yields through improvement in growing infrastructure, plant material and growing techniques.

AgFirst Engineering has led the agricultural engineering component of the project. This involves the design and implementation of water harvesting, orchard reticulation, structural design, water storage, orchard irrigation, irrigation soil management and training of agricultural development staff. The project has tested the logic of many common practices used within the New Zealand based apple industry and has meant the engineering team has needed to adapt many techniques to suit the local situation. The first stage has been both rewarding and successful for all the team involved.

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