Farm Water Reticulation

AgFirst Engineering are leaders in farm water reticulation. We are involved in large-scale projects throughout New Zealand and overseas. We ensure that all projects meet local and regional council requirements.

AgFirst Engineering can offer individual customised design options for farm reticulation or a complete package including design, material organisation, installation and project management.


Water Source

The water source used for reticulation is one of the most important components of the system.Water quality and quantity are critical to ensure minimal operational maintenance.

Water can be harvested from rivers, bores, dams and lakes etc. It is vital to ensure that the appropriate intake system is installed. In gravelled based rivers, AgFirst Engineering has developed an under river intake chamber which successfully and continually delivers clean water.

Intake Chamber


Reticulation Network

AgFirst Engineering use precise engineering equipment to accurately measure heights throughout the area that is to be reticulated. This enables the accurate calculations of pipe size and pipe pressure ratings, ensuring the required volumes of water are delivered to stock.  

The type of pipe and fittings used are also critical to ensure minimal future system maintenance and reliability of supply.

Hady surveying

Hady surveying



AgFirst Engineering design team has some of the most experienced farm water reticulation design engineers in New Zealand.

Farm reticulation designs are completed using CAD design programmes and CAD software for design plan preparation. Once final plans are finalised, detailed material requirements and costing can be completed.

farm waterreticulation3

Design Plan