Solids Separation

The intensification of dairy farming and the need for controlled application of wastewater to land has increased the need for solids removal.

Given the large capital cost of solids removal, it is important that the right system is implemented. The installation of the wrong system may result in large annual operating costs and ongoing operational frustration with system blockage, overflow and breakdowns.



Solids separation can be achieved using:

  • Anaerobic Settlement Ponds.
  • Sludge Bed with Weeping Walls.
  • Sloping Screens.
  • Screw Press.
  • Rotating Drum Screen.


Why is it important to choose the correct Solids Separation System?

 It is important to choose the correct Solids Separation System to ensure:

  • Ease of operation and management.
  • The minimisation of annual operating costs.
  • That the system installed has been specifically customised to remove solids from the waste stream.
  • Blockages and overflow situations are eliminated.
  • Breakdowns and management frustration is minimised.


Customisation of Solids Separation System

 It is important that the Solid Separation System is customised:

 Key considerations:

  • Taking into consideration the quality and abrasiveness of the effluent.
  • The instantaneous and daily volume of effluent requiring treatment.
  • The required quality of the green water following solids removal.
  • The end use and therefore the quality of the solids produced.
  • Operational input requirement.
  • The cost and complexity of operation.