AgFirst Engineering, your local Frost Protection Experts.

Offices based in Bay of Plenty, Gisborne & Waikato. 


Frost protection using water is a significant challenge for growers and it is important to ensure that the frost protection system design is of a high standard with good uniformity of application to fight against seasonal frost events at critical times.


Matching the system application rate to historical frost severity is a key part of the design process.

Overhead systems cover the plant buds with an even application of water to ensure that the formation of ice encapsulates susceptible tissue with the release of latent heat fusion. The frost protection system continues to operate during the frost event and is typically stopped when temperature rises above or reaches 5˚C.

Sound engineering, design and installation is critical, with the effectiveness of protection dependent upon the even application of water throughout the orchard.


AgFirst Engineering can customise and design the required Frost Protection System for your orchard.

Designs are completed using CAD software, which ensures accurate sprinkler application uniformity and reticulation system hydraulic analysis.