Electrical Control, Monitoring and Failsafes

Having control of your effluent system infrastructure is key to maximizing efficiency and minimizing risk. With good design and understanding of the full solution AgFirst Engineering provide fit for purpose electrical control systems that make managing your system easier, saves you time and maximizes the nutrient value at the same time as reducing environmental risk. Every system is only as good as it’s electrical control design, programming and functionality.

  • Flow and pressure controlled variable speed drives for effluent pumping systems ensure you only use the power you have to at any one time, ensure even nutrient application (maintaining flow and pressures) and maintain pipeline flow velocities (remove water hammer risk, pipeline blockage risk and motor overload).
  • Custom built PLC’s for control of multiple set points, valve automation, run times, clock timing, auto flood wash/pit flush, auto priming, fault display/alarm, data transfer, pipeline filling, automated pond stirring, solids separation system control, off-peak power control etc.
  • Touchscreen interfaces for simplistic operator experiences. Set flow set points, pressure set points, irrigation time, pond stirring clock timers, flood wash fill clock timers, visualize alarms and monitor operating performance.
  • Flow, pressure and effluent application monitoring means you know how much you are putting on at any one time and ensures the system is operating within the required parameters.
  • Travel speed sensing, GPS proof of placement and data capture. Sensing travel speed on travelling irrigators allows you to monitor irrigator application and instantaneous depths. GPS systems assist with actual placement of nutrients and ensure irrigation does not occur in areas that it shouldn’t.