28th June, 2015

Davieth from AgFirst Engineering Waikato hit the road for Taranaki Sunday evening fully loaded with 2.5T of infrastructure for four different effluent projects including two Weta travelling rain-guns headed for Opunake!

Davieth had a few opportunities to follow up from the Fieldays therefore it was logical to load up and bring everything down which cost approximately $2,000.00 less in freight compared to putting everything on a truck!

 Davieth had a bit to do over the following days.

  • Paul Horo from Opunake received the first Weta travelling irrigator in the area. AgFirst designed and built a full effluent irrigation system for Paul 18 months ago. Paul had been waiting patiently for the Weta travelling irrigator to arrive and was very happy to see it!
  • Hamish and Ripper Campbell received their PTO effluent pumping system and galvanised steel hydrants ready for their new land application system to be installed by Coastal Agri Services (pipeline supplied direct from manufacturer via truck). They have also now ordered a Weta travelling irrigator and an automatic high/low pressure switch system to turn the tractor off at the end of the irrigator run!
  • Peter and Joanne George’s new farm in Hawera received their new pond stirrer, mono irrigation pump, hydrants and irrigator. Unfortunately, the heavy rain delayed the trenching and installation of the 30 Ha effluent block.
  • Maurice Kissick received his custom built galvanised steel weeping wall system.
  • Coastal Agri Services received a Weta irrigator for their showroom. 

Davieth also spent some time looking at a proposed new dairy effluent system for 680 cows with some major rainfall challenges (5m annual rainfall).

Davieth hit the road on Tuesday morning for Mangamahu up the Rangitikei to take a look at a dry stock water job. The stock are currently watered via multiple dams in the low areas however water is desired up high to maximise grazing. A few hours of surveying the elevations and discussing the client’s needs and then Davieth was on the road for home!